The 3.3 Release is here

For Admins and Representatives:

  • On your Client List:
    • Now you have new filters in your heather. Click on the icon  to test out.
    • Right-click on the name of your client to have faster access to your Actions.
  • On your Distributed Documents (only Admins):
    • Now you can replace a document that was already sent before. In your Distributed Documents list, click on the file you want to replace, click on “Actions” and then on “Replace.” Find in your computer the new file, and click “Next.” The system will no send any notification about this replacement, so just skip the notification preference and click on “Start Upload.”

For VaultHolders:

  • More options available to manage the notifications that they receive on the web-app or by email. To manage their notification preference, they need to go to Account Settings> Preferences tab and click on the boxes for the notifications they would like to receive in FutureVault or by Email.
  • Quick access to a recent upload document with a link on the Upload Progress Tab.

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