Say hello to 3.6 release

Vault – Improvements

  • Small changes on the tab names in the main menu for a cleaner version

  • Show amount of vault storage left for VaultHolder. Go to your Account Settings > Preferences to see how much space you still have.

  • Right-click on any white space under “All Documents” to get a new menu for a faster Upload, create a contact or add new folders.

  • Filtering and search improvements for all pages.
  • Advanced filters for all documents. Now you can search, sort and add filter to folders using any type of View Options available.

  • Adding a new view Option with our Grid View.

  • If you have more than one Entity now when you upload Documents you can select all entities in one click.
  • Now you have a faster way to remove all the permissions of your Trusted Advisors in one click. Go to your contact page, open a contact and click on the “Remove Permissions” button. The system will send an automatic email to your contact let it them know that they don’t have access anymore to your vault.

  • Your system talks now more letting you when actions are completed successfully and when something when wrong.
  • If you have the feature Checklist activate in your vault and already have some checklist. Know you can also see the History of this checklist for internal control. Show checklist history inside the vault (only available if you have this feature)

  • Ability to create a reminder without a document association. Go to your Reminder tab and create a reminder from there.

Administrative Users – Improvements

  • New menu order on their main menu.
  • Admins can now create a Client's Vault.
  • Show vault usage information inside the client details page.
  • Be able to upgrade or downgrade client packages.
  • Track history of changes on the client profile page.

Some Bug fixed

  • Unauthorized pop-up messages when time expiration expire
  • General session expired issues
  • Drag & Drop issue

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